COVENTREE – A strategy for Coventry’s Urban Forest

The City Council has launched a pubic consultation on its new strategy for Coventry’s Urban Forest.

The Council states that this is Coventry’s first tree strategy and is a real milestone for its trees; setting the scene for the City’s management, care and development of its urban forest going into the future and certainly for the next 10 years covered by the strategy.

Coventry is particularly blessed with a large and extensive tree canopy. In fact, it can be argued that this canopy characterises the City.

The Council is responsible for the management of over 45,000 individual trees in parks, highways and other greenspaces and an estimated 200,000 woodland trees.

The importance of trees is becoming increasingly recognised not least through global changes which are and will affect everyone on the planet.

How do trees help us?

  • Trees are important in our efforts to combat climate change capturing CO2 and releasing oxygen
  • They help keep the air in our city clean by absorbing pollutants
  • They help keep our streets cool and provide shade from ultraviolet light
  • They hold water on their surface helping with flood alleviation
  • They provide a valuable food and habitat resource supporting countless birds, animals and invertebrates
  • Trees are great for people’s health and well-being and for bringing people together
  • They also have an economic value, provide a potential and sustainable source of energy but they also increase property values.

This strategy represents the Council’s plan to ensure that the City’s tree stock is looked after well; reducing risk, increasing tree numbers, protecting and revering our veteran trees and providing a diverse and sustainable tree stock for future generations to enjoy. The tree strategy will help focus the Council’s limited resources where it really matters and work effectively with partners and stakeholders to achieve the overall aims.

Please take a moment to read through the Coventry Urban Forestry Strategy, and share your thoughts on the online survey. You can download a printable version of the strategy here.

The closing date for this consultation is Friday 22nd July 2022

For more information regarding this consultation, please contact Tim Wetherhill.

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