Take a Virtual Tour of Two Friargate

In September 2020 we reported on the council’s high-risk plan for a new office building in Friargate. Since then, construction has been going ahead and marketing to prospective tenants has begun.

Interested tenants and Coventry residents can now take a peek inside the new office building before it opens its doors.

The scheme’s promoters have launched a virtual tour of the building so prospective tenants can take a look at the new luxury facilities, including offices, the reception, and a rooftop terrace.

It is claimed that it will be Coventry’s highest quality and most sustainable office building once construction is completed, featuring cutting-edge green technology and heating systems.

It is part of the wider Friargate regeneration that will create a new 37-acre business district in the city complete with hospitality services such as bars and restaurants.

Two Friargate is adjacent to Coventry Railway Station, which has just opened a new £82million extension, giving the office building excellent connectivity to other areas.

The Friargate business quarter was foreseen as the creation of a major city-centre employment site with superb local and national access. Developers foresaw the building of 14 Grade A office blocks, 2 hotels, 2 car parks and at least 10 residential blocks. However, the global economic crisis of 2008 and economic conditions since then have conspired against a rapid build-out and the developments approved to date (including one and two Friargate and a hotel) have all required public subsidy.

Visit www.twofriargate.com/virtual-tour/ to access the virtual tour.

One thought on “Take a Virtual Tour of Two Friargate

  1. Ref Two Friargate, it’s ruining the Sky line.From my bedroom windows it looks like a Russian prison. Dark dismal and another steel girder erection No brilliant design or good architecture at all.For heavens sake Coventry Voters, get rid of these councillors who do not understand the demographics of this proud working City.
    This city needs something to be proud of, when are they going to sell of The Council House to a consortium of developers .


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