Meet me under the Elephant

Coventry Community Interest Company, Photo Miners, is launching a new arts project and is looking for 12 participants.

The project is funded by Arts Council England and City of Culture Trust. It’s called Meet Me Under the Elephant, named to reflect how that important symbol in Broadgate represents Coventry’s strength, unity and willingness to discuss and reflect rather than drive conflict.

They aim to recruit 12 non-artists to become artists. Ben Kyneswood writes “We’re looking to find people who have an issue they’d like to respond to through art. In doing so, they’ll become the artists themselves and exhibit in a city venue in May/ June.

“If you know someone who has a frustration (HS2, student housing, City Centre South development etc) or has been ignored or feels their issue is hidden (because they’re from an easily ignored community for example), then please ask them to visit the URL below”:

“From here they can send us a message saying what the issue is. We’ll select 12 and signpost the others to other forms of help. Those selected will work during April with an artist and during May with a curator to exhibit until the end of June. I’ll also be creating virtual exhibitions for the participants too.”

Dr Ben Kyneswood, Director

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