Coventry to get a blue plaque scheme.

Blue plaque on Copsewood Grange

Last week, Cllr Welsh, the Cabinet Member for Housing and Communities approved a heritage plaque nomination scheme, to be known as the Blue Plaque Scheme. The nomination process will be hosted on the Council’s website.

Final details of the scheme are to be delegated to the Head of Planning Policy and Environment, but will adhere to Historic England best practice whilst promoting and celebrating the diversity of heritage within the city.

However, it should be noted that a key component will be an element of public voting on Plaques to take forward, allowing a wide range of voices to be heard, reflecting the diversity of heritage within the city, and ensuring that is reflected in the Blue Plaques being installed.

Alongside the introduction of a nomination platform for commemorative plaque proposals, the council’s heritage team will concurrently be engaging in an audit of existing plaques in the city, in order to inform future recommendations in regard to levels of existing representation.

Furthermore, it is proposed that the development of an appropriate scheme for the promotion and management of two annual CCC supported heritage plaques, thereby ensuring that the financial cost of production and installation is not a barrier to any specific person or even being commemorated with a Blue Plaque.

The establishment of the scheme will not preclude the erection of commemorative plaques outside of the Council’s nomination process, and the Council will continue to work positively with organisations seeking to install Plaques where appropriate.

The funding for the provision of two plaques a year is estimated to be less than £1000 and additional budget is not required. Administration and operational costs will be met within the Conservation Team.

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