Public Meeting about the world nuclear threat and Ukraine invasion

Paul Maddocks, CovSoc founder member and Chair of the Lord Mayor’s Committee for Peace and Reconciliation reports back on the public meeting about the World nuclear threat which was held on Saturday 5th March at Warwick Road United Reformed Church. Bishop Christopher Cocksworth and Zarah Sultana MP both spoke at the meeting. Paul writes…..

“Coventry experience has a message for the rest of the world”

“Our speakers both shared their sadness about the invasion of Ukraine and their thoughts for the suffering of the people of Ukraine. Our speakers reflected on President Putin raising the level of the nuclear threat … it seems that the long stated truth that the world was safer when there was the doctine of “mutually assured destruction” has failed in March 2022, worst that greater intervention by NATO to protect Ukraine has been prevented by the risk of the nuclear threat by Mr Putin.

“The United Nations achieved some nuclear de-escalation with the 1970s non-proliferation treaty. The United Nations – especially non-nuclear nations after fifty year’s impatience, passed the “PROHIBITION OF NUCLEAR WEAPONS” ratified by 127 nations and 70 non- governmental organisations. Both speakers called for serious more urgent discussions in the coming month and years, now that Russia’s declaration has shown that we are at more risk from the existence of nuclear weapons and not safer. “Peace must be made, not just exist”.

“A door collection for Ukraine raised £220 that will be donated through the Ukrainian Church Coventry. Thank you for everybody who turned out on a very cold Saturday. The speeches were videoed and will be available on the Peace Committee website.”

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