Culture at the Cathedral

The work of Anne Petters as part of the Broken Angel Project was unveiled on 6th November and will remain in place until 1st February.  She is the first of three artists taking part and sharing responses to the empty space left by the vandalised glass angel in the West Screen.  In addition to her projected image she has created a miniature book of glass inside the Cathedral – referencing that the arms of the damaged Angel cradled the Book of Eternal Life. The other artists will share their responses over the next twelve months.

The Friends of Coventry Cathedral made a grant of £10,000 towards the REBUILD arts project sponsored by the City of Culture Trust with the Cathedral, and the Broken Angel Project is the first part of the sponsored art. 

In January 2022 we have the opportunity to share in the second part of REBUILD which is GHOSTS IN THE RUINS, a work that has been created by NITIN SAWHNEY, the well-known composer.   His work examines themes of healing, resilience, and reconciliation in relation to contemporary conflicts while looking forward in hope for the future of the world.

GHOSTS IN THE RUINS will start in the Cathedral nave and will feature performances by singer YVA, violinist Eos Counsell and the Coventry Cathedral choristers and local poets. The audience will then be invited to move into the Cathedral Ruins to experience a dramatic conclusion. The Cathedral’s Director of Music, Rachel Mahon, is a Creative Associate on the project.

The choral and musical elements will be accompanied by newly-commissioned works by Coventry poets, and visual images by the artist Mark Murphy will be projected onto the interior walls of the Cathedral.

TICKETS for this event are now available on the City of Culture website, or from the City of Culture shop in Hertford Place.

This article is from the Friends of Coventry Cathedral Chairman’s newsletter with kind thanks to Martin Williams

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