Tiles of Hope

Coventry University is organising an interesting City of Culture activity that most Coventry people can get involved in.

They are creating a mural comprised of 1000 photographs which will be presented in the form of the wings of a phoenix. Local residents are invited to submit a photograph that addresses the question “What hope means for you?” The photo can be of absolutely anything.

You have until December 31st to submit your image. Selected photos will be printed onto a tile and included in the mural. This community art piece will be centrally located on Priory street next to Starley Gardens and Coventry University Student Union. It will be unveiled in early 2022.

  • Pick up your camera or phone and photograph what ‘hope’ means to you, this can be as literal or out of the box as you would like.
  • Upload your image via the website: http://www.eventsforce.net/tilesofhope by the 31st December 2021

To find out more information please click here.

See some of the images that the University has already received:

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