Money Approved for Ring Road Assessment

The City Council has been a awarded a grant of £50,000 to assess what needs to be done to improve the ring road.

The grant is from Midlands Connect, the regional transport agency which explores, develops and recommends transport projects which will provide the biggest possible economic, environmental and social benefits for the Midlands.

A total of six projects in the Midlands have been awarded £50,000 grants from the Major Road Network (MRN) scheme. The MRN support schemes are aimed at reducing congestion, supporting housing and employment growth, encouraging people to walk, cycle and use public transport and provide better links to motorways and major trunk roads.

In addition to the grant, Midlands Connect will offer expertise to the council to help it build its case to Government.

The grant will enable an assessment and plan to be developed to improve the ring road between junctions 5 – 9 (i.e. between the Cheylesmore junction and Radford Road–-clockwise). The plans will aim to improve pedestrian and cycle access across the ring road as well as helping to implement the improvements planned as part of the Council’s Air Quality Action plan.

The grant will help to develop the case for investment and to assess the feasibility of enhancements, paving the way for support from the Government in the future. ​

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