Council Goes Solar

Photo: Ineco Energy

The City Council took a big step forward in meeting its carbon reduction targets in July when it announced the installation of solar panels across 41 locations in the city.

Coventry City Council and solar partner, Ineco Energy Limited, have begun installing 2.1 MWp of rooftop solar across 41 Coventry City Council public buildings.

Phase 1 which is funded by Public Sector Decarbonisation Scheme (PSDS) grants, will install solar PV at six Coventry schools before the new term as well as Coventry Central Library, a Council office building, and Windmill Road Cemetery.

Phase 2 will see solar PV being installed across 32 further Coventry City Council public buildings. This phase is funded through European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) grant funding.

The ambitious solar programme will generate 1,840 MWh of energy and could save Coventry City Council up to £276,000 annually. Over the lifetime of the projects, this will save the carbon equivalent of planting 9,766 trees.

The Solar photo voltaic (PV) systems form part of a wider decarbonisation strategy which will deliver carbon reductions and renewable energy generation improvements across a number of council sites, including social care centres, libraries, leisure centres and local schools.

Ineco Energy will manage the full end-to-end contract for the design, supply, installation, and verification of the solar PV projects within the scope of the PSDS and ERDF projects.

Ineco Energy specialises in the development, installation, and ongoing management of renewable and energy-efficient solutions for Local Authorities, schools and businesses within England and Wales.

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