Cathedral Choir Reunion

Reunion of Cathedral Choir in 2012

Coventry Cathedral are searching for former choristers who might be interested in attending a reunion at the Cathedral over the weekend of 21st / 22nd May 2022, commemorating the end of the City of Culture year, which started at the Cathedral this May.

The reunion is part of a major weekend event at the Cathedral, which will include a dinner with guest speakers; a showing of the BBC TV recording of the Consecration and a focus on the choir David Lepine came to Coventry to create which he succeeded in doing between  1966-71, producing several gifted and prominent musicians. 

The last reunion in 2012 showcased the consecration choir and their tours to Berlin and Ottobeuren, which resulted in the gathering of Richard Sadlers photos of the Ottobeuren tour, which were then used to create the book ‘Following the Cross of Nails’.  It is hoped that this event might lead to other former choristers recording their memories of notable occasions in the cathedral’s life.

Mike Smith who is co-ordinating the reunion said “I was one of the Consecration Choristers and tracked down all my fellow choristers bar two, for the 2012 Golden anniversary.

“For 2022 we want to contact and welcome all who have sung in the Cathedral Choir in its 60 years, and indeed I have been approached by one of the pre cathedral choristers who sang at the laying of the Foundation Stone.

“The Cathedral have never kept records of its choristers but I hope to be able to help the Cathedral develop long lasting contacts between the Cathedral and its former choristers.”

If you were a chorister at the Cathedral or know someone who was, then Mike Smith would love to hear from you. Mike can be contacted by email at

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