Flying the Flag for the Cathedral

Through the generosity of one of its members the Friends of Coventry Cathedral are pleased to have provided the city’s most prestigious building with new flagpoles.   The donor prefers to remain anonymous.

The old flagpoles fell into disuse some twenty-five years ago when their mechanism failed.  The replacement flagpoles are not only useable but also vandal-proof, an important quality today.   The Cathedral has now looked out its boxes of flags held in store, and flags can be flown on all national and Diocesan occasions in the future.

The picture above shows the Coventry Diocesan flag being raised on the new flagpoles for the first time by Dan Anderson, Head Verger in the presence of Martin R Williams (Chairman of the Friends) and CovSoc member Barry Greener (a Vice-President of the Friends).

Martin R Williams writes “Membership of the Friends joins together people from Coventry, from the Diocese and from across the world.   What we all have in common is a desire to support the Cathedral both its ministry and its building.   In 2021 Coventry celebrates being UK City of Culture, a year with many opportunities for the Cathedral to join in the city celebrations and fly the flag.

“The donor remembered the Cathedral flags flying to welcome Royal visitors in the Cathedral’s early days, and was determined to make good the loss of that facility for the future.” 

A photo taken back in June 1970 showing Bishop Cuthbert Bardsley talking to visitors while he awaited the arrival of H M the Queen on a private visit.   In the background you can see the flags flying. 
HM the Queen and Prince Phillip taking the salute from the Royal British Legion in 1981. The original flag poles are visible behind.

More details of the Friends of Coventry Cathedral are on their website:

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