Litten Tree Blooms

Three floors of vacant space about the Litten Tree Pub is being transformed into a new pop up arts venue in time for the City of Culture year.

This is the latest project of social entrepreneur Alan Denyer. Alan who is a local arts and heritage champion is best known for his temporary transformation of the Coventry Telegraph building into a pop up art space whilst plans for the Telegraph Hotel were being developed.

Social entrepreneur Alan Denyer with a memory of the Intershop

His new project is to be known as ‘The LTB SHOWROOMS’ (LTB is short for Litten Tree Building). Once completed there are plans for the LTB Showrooms to host DJ nights, open mic and comedy evenings, art exhibitions and performances.

Alan is funding the refurbishment of the space above the pub to create three large (400m2) display spaces on the upper floors.

The building, in Warwick Road, was built in 1911 as the prestigious showrooms for The Rover Company, which at that time manufactured cycles, motorcycles and cars. Their extensive Meteor Works, built in 1897, was at the rear of the building.

During World War II it was the Food Ration Office and after the War was the temporary home of Donald Gibson and his team of architects and planners. It was given a modern facelift in the late 1950s and later became ‘Foulkes’ (bathrooms and fireplaces), Curtis’s, Benley’s, then finally, in the late 70’s  ‘Intershop’ (an indoor boutique market) which was very popular with the Coventry people.

There will be exhibitions and events showcasing local artists & creative practitioners – as well as displays telling the story of the building and its surroundings. It’ll be free admission – with a self-guided tour route set up so that the public can explore around the building.

Clearing out the space!

Access will be via the pub (who are donating the spaces and helping with the clear-out) – so you’ll be able to enjoy a pie and a pint at the same time as experiencing fantastic art! It is hoped that the arts facility will remain for 18 months.

It’s hoped that everything will be open in June, in line with government guidance regarding small venues.

You can follow progress on the Litten Tree Building (LTB) Showrooms Facebook page.

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