Next phase of improvements in Pepper Lane to begin

The next phase of work in Pepper Lane is set to begin this week with plans for brightening up the walls and installing a new piece of artwork.

The artwork, which will be installed on the back of Cathedral Lanes, comes from Coventry artist Matt Chu and is titled “At One with Cofa’s Tree”.

Matt Chu Is a professional artist and illustrator, who lives in Binley Woods. The artwork brings together elements of Coventry’s past, present and future.

The walls of the Cathedral Lanes development facing on to Pepper Lane will be painted in various pastel colours to suit the coming artwork. The sequence of colours was chosen by Matt Chu, in order of colour temperature from warm to cold, leading up to the artwork.

Later in the spring, an installation of living walls is also set to be installed to separate the colour sequence.

Councillor Patricia Hetherton, Cabinet Member for City Services, said: “This walkway will look really beautiful when it’s all finished. The living walls, which contain plants and greenery, will be particularly wonderful as they incorporate greenery into places which wouldn’t usually have it.”

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