Visitor Pod at Station

Plans for a new visitor information pod to be installed at Coventry Railway Station have been submitted to Coventry City Council’s Planning Committee.

If approved, the plans will see the construction of a pod that will serve visitors and local residents, providing information on featured events, historical points of interest, restaurants, bars and any local organisations with a message to share.

The pod’s design, developed with support from Creative Giants, looks to build on Coventry’s visionary post-war architecture and its use of glass. Creative Giants have been working closely with the Council to help link projects through the city while championing local and international creative people to work as part of the regeneration of the city.

The pod will have an almost iridescent finish that will appear to change colour as it reflects light through the day and as viewers walk around and past it. It will be able to open up to meet demand and even host its own events.

The pod will provide an information source for Coventry’s City of Culture programme as well as the Commonwealth Games 2022.

The pod will also be illuminated at night, acting as a beacon at the railway station, but also leading into the art trail in Greyfriars Green, where rainbow lighting has also recently been installed.

This exciting project has been funded through the Cultural Capital Investment Fund which includes an allocation from the Getting Building Funding from the Government through the Coventry and Warwickshire Local Enterprise Partnership (CWLEP).

This article is edited from a Coventry City Council press release published on 18/1/2021

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