The Pavilion in the Park

After years of trying to gain permission to build a multi-purpose building in Allesley Park Walled Garden the project has finally come to fruition.

The Walled Garden group is chaired by former Covsoc Chairman, Keith Draper, and includes a number of other CovSoc members.

In July four lorry loads of parts of the kit built building were delivered to the Allesley Hall car park and group members, with the help of the Rangers and Leisure staff moved it all the Walled Garden. A week later staff from the Worcestershire manufacturing company KEOPS, came along and put it all together in two days.

The group is delighted with the result. Since then the group has been adding a fire retardant coating and “painting” the building. Other work still to be done includes putting in a durable floor covering, designing and installing a water harvesting facility and constructing a terrace.

This is a major step forward for the Walled Garden and will encourage more community activity and involvement. One of the walls will be devoted to picture displays and information about the plants grown there; the history of Allesley, its hall and park, and the natural history of the garden and wider area.

Funds were allocated by the Parks Department to continue with the construction of the all-important paths and it is hoped that the western path connecting the pavilion with the newly built entrance to Allesley Park Community Centre will have some priority in the plan.

Keith Draper, chair of the Group, said “Once up and running we envisage it as a modest visitor centre that will be open when gardeners are working. The operation was something of a challenge and we are indebted to all the delivery men who helped us going beyond their normal course of duty.

“We are also grateful for all the help from the Council’s Ranger team, James, Trevor and Roland. And also Staff from the Golf Office, Izzy and Pete.”

The pavilion sits on concrete ‘pods’, a design that is less intrusive next to the historic walls of the garden.

The logs are substantial and were precision machined to interlock together. The windows fitted with safety glass are double glazed. Their continental opening arrangements allow the whole window to open inwards or alternatively hinge from the bottom to provide ample ventilation when the pavilion is in use.

Insulation is sandwiched between both the double floor and the metal roof. This will keep the cabin warm in winter and cool during hot summer days.
The French doors opening outwards for safety reasons can be hooked back to enable the linking of the building with a large patio.

The Coventry Society sends its congratulations to Keith and the Walled Garden team for their tenacity in pursuing this project and the quality of the finished building.

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