Update on Draper’s Hall

Drapers Hall

For Coventry Society’s September meeting we have Dr Mark Webb who will be giving us an online update about work at Drapers Hall.

Mark is a Member of the Coventry Society, a trustee of Historic Coventry Trust, Director of the Medieval Coventry charity  and a member of Tudor Coventry CIC.

Mark was born in Coventry but now lives in London. He works for The Prince’s Foundation (PF) and his role is to find the funds to restore historic buildings and find sustainable uses for them that involve community access. It was Mark’s suggestion that The Prince’s Foundation join in partnership with the Historic Coventry Trust (HCT) to restore Drapers Hall and he has been responsible for finding the majority of the funds.

Mark’s talk will cover the history of the Great Drapery and Drapers Hall and its previous two iterations. He will explain why the current building is significant and describe the HCT-PF project to restore the hall as a music education and performance venue.
Mark will also tell us about recent archaeological finds and progress with restoring the hall including the planned completion date and the future plans for the hall.

This online meeting is open to non members who can sign up via Eventbrite.


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