Cycle Parking for Organisations


Transport for West Midlands in collaboration with “Park that bike” is launching a project to support the growth of cycle use in the West Midlands.

Voluntary sector groups, businesses, shops, offices, cafés, pubs, churches, dental practices and surgeries can get free cycle parking! Various designs of cycle stand are available.

The bike stands are free of charge but you are responsible for installing them on your own property (they will provide full instructions) in a location that Park That Bike has approved.

Cycle Parking for Organisations is supported by Park That Bike to help organisations across the West Midlands by providing them with free cycle parking.

The scheme is aimed at encouraging more cycling and people to use their bikes to get around by offering to deliver free bike racks to up to 100 businesses, health establishments and community organisations.


Good quality cycle parking reduces the likelihood of bikes being stolen or damaged and tells the world that your organisation is doing its bit to encourage cycling. To apply please complete this on-line form. Click below to find out about the free cycle parking that’s available in your area.

This initiative is run by ParkThatBike and supported by various local councils across the UK, including Transport for West Midlands.

How it works

On application, an organisation will be able to choose the type of cycle parking they think will suit their needs best. Organisations can apply for up to four cycle stands free of charge: Conventional bike racks, heart-shaped stands, wall-mounted rails, PlantLocks (a combined planter and bike rack) and free-standing “toast-racks” are available to choose from.

The experts at Park That Bike will be on hand to support with the best location for the parking while ensuring it is delivered on private land. Once that is approved, Park That Bike will send out the cycle parking.

Following which successful applicants will have 10 weeks to install the new parking. The first round of applications is open now and there is a limited number of units available. Submit an application and also find information on eligibility requirements.

There is more information and an online application form here.

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