CovSoc Teen Takeover – Saturday 20th June


This year for Civic Day the Coventry Society is handing over its social media channels to Coventry young people. They will tell us what makes them proud of their city and what improvements they would like to see.

Civic Day is an annual event across England co-ordinated by Civic Voice, the national charity for the civic movement.

In previous years, the Coventry Society has trained people in surveying war memorials, showcased the Sherbourne River, organised a tour of the city’s Public Art, exhibited the plans for the Burges and delivered a fascinating tour of Coventry’s post-war architecture.

This year, with the lock-down, we needed to think of something different.

Nicola Norman, the project organiser wanted to engage younger audiences and create awareness for Coventry’s Civic Society amongst them. Nicola said “Coventry’s youth population is the 6th largest in the UK, Birmingham being 18th and London 20th. It is important for the younger generations to understand a sense of place of where they live, how they live and how they want their city to look like in the future, their future. What do they love about their city? How can it better and how do they envisage its development? I want to hear their civic voices.

“I am a committee member of the Coventry Society and feel privileged to be so. For me personally I fell in love with my city from a very young age, spending so much of my holidays and weekends exploring and learning about the place I lived in, wandering around the amazing museums including: the Lunt Roman Fort, the Herbert and the Coventry Transport Museum; little did I know then that I would grow up to work in them.

“I continue to enjoy and learn about the historically significant buildings Coventry has to offer and I am grateful to be part of a wonderful team involved in actively doing what we can as a civic society in protecting them for future generations, for my children and their children and their children. I am bursting with civic pride for Coventry; a city of pioneers, a city of reinvention, a leading city in education, a city that welcomes, the city of Peace and Reconciliation.

“You can have lived in Coventry all your life, been here 3 years or 5 minutes and have a sense of civic pride for the city. My dad was sent to Coventry at 13, he didn’t choose to live here but it is his home and he loves it too, or you might not live here but work here and have a big heart for Coventry like the BID Manager and Director Trish Willets.”

The young people will post their photos and videos on CovSoc’s social media account using the hashtag #CovTeenTakeover

Please help us promote this! Please promote #CovTeenTakover and get any Cov Teens you know involved, let them make some noise, #proud.

Join us on Saturday 20th June on our social media channels at:

We look forward to seeing you on Saturday #CovTeenTakeover


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