Profile of our new Chair – Vincent Hammersley


On Monday 20th April 2020, what would have been the date of our AGM, a new person takes on the leadership of the Coventry Society. Our existing Chair, Paul Maddocks, stands down and becomes Deputy Chair and our existing Vice Chair, Vincent Hammersley takes on the mantle of Chair.

Vincent was born in Coventry in 1950 and attended Frederick Bird, Holy Family and Bishop Ulathorne Grammar School. This was followed By Wolverhampton Polytechnic and Warwick Business School. Vince worked in the Motor industry as Corporate Communications Manager and finally as Director of Communications and press relations at Warwick Business School.

Vince says “I am interested in archaeology and the history of Coventry, particularly with reference to the contribution made by this City since the 17th century, particularly the bravery, resilience and innovation shown by Coventrians during two World wars and the rebuilding of the City after WW2.

“I am also interested in researching and promoting the work and achievements of the many artists who have worked in Coventry whose work, in many cases has been overlooked, undervalued and in some cases largely forgotten.

“The post war regeneration of Coventry was an incredible effort, but the City architects displayed a real vision and a desire to rebuild a city that would work for the citizens of Coventry. The work of the architects attracted interest and acclaim from around the World and I know that us young kids at the time, watching the City being rebuilt were very proud that we were from Coventry, this shining example of modern innovative and people friendly design.

“Heritage is something which we inherit from the past and Coventry has so much to offer from significant medieval remains from St Catherine’s Well to the Old Cathedral to the finest example of a post war city centre in the World. Legacy is what we leave behind us for future generations and I am unclear just how proud we should be of many of the recent developments in our City.”

4 thoughts on “Profile of our new Chair – Vincent Hammersley

  1. I wish Vincent all the best and we will all support him in his next two years and they will be very interesting especially with 2021 being city of Culture. Paul


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