Micro:Cab – Beyond the Electric Car

Vianova being exhibited at the International Hydrogen Event at NEC, Birmingham

A Coventry firm, Microcab, is pioneering a new approach to zero emission vehicle engineering using hydrogen fuel cell technology. Microcab is a spin-out from the SWARM project at Coventry University. It aims to design and develop a vehicle for urban transport using low carbon, hydrogen fuel cell technology. The design concept is a vehicle with good environmental characteristics.

The firm is based in Parkside in Coventry. In their latest newsletter Microcab state:

“As Microcab moves into its commercialisation phase, we introduce the newest addition to the fleet, the Vianova. This ultra efficient lightweight city car showcases the latest vehicle design on the versatile H2EV platform, and features our “state of the art” fuel cell electric powertrain technology. The pre-production model is the culmination of the commercial partnership with Mahle Powertrain and ongong collaborative work with Coventry University on the SWARM project. The Vianova is entering the market as a peri-urban, zero emissions mobility solution in both car and van variant. It should be noted that, in some regions, the growing network of hydrogen refuelling stations has outstripped the supply of fuel cell vehicles, leading to under utilisation of the infrastructure. With the proposed new UK goal of net zero carbon by 2050, hydrogen will have an expanding role to play in sector coupling between renewable energy and mobility. ‘Low-carbon hydrogen moves from being a useful option to a key enabler’ (Committee Climate Change net zero report).”

Vianova being exhbited at C-ALPS, the Centre for Alternative Low Carbon Propulsion Systems, opened at Coventry University on 21 March 2019.

More at http://www.microcab.co.uk

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