One Hundred and Seventy Three Newsletters!


When the Coventry Society was given a new lease of life 14 years ago we started a monthly newsletter for our members.

The first publication provided details of the newly announced Belgrade Plaza development by Coventry’s Deeley Properties. It was also the time when Pool Meadow had been isolated from the city centre by Millennium Place and we asked the question ‘will the Council change its mind?’

In September we set up shop in Drapers’ Hall for Heritage Weekend and the following month ran the second History Fair in the Panorama Suite of the Rootes Building at the University of Warwick in partnership with Coventry Family History Society.

The following year IKEA unveiled plans for its first city centre store. We quizzed directors in the Development Forum at the Council House. Yes, we had forums in those days for significant developments. As some will already be aware we are changing the manner in which we disseminate news to you through ‘Posts from Coventry Society News’.

So, after 173 issues this is the last newsletter in the format you have grown
accustomed to.

The Coventry Society would like to thank Keith Draper, our Vice Chairman, who has been editor of the newsletter for the whole of its life in this format.

For the future, our news will be published on this news blog and members will receive a weekly email with links to the stories published in the previous week. We will also send out direct emails to notify you of anything specific to the Society that we are not publishing, for example reminders about society meetings.

We still have a few members who are not on e-mail and we won’t be abandoning them. They will continue to receive a notification of forthcoming meetings by post and we will print out a summary of the past month’s news stories which we will make available at our monthly meetings.

As well as this news blog, the society also has a number of other online channels. You may not be aware of all of them:

Our main website is at: 

You can also access it through the shorter name:

Past editions of our newsletters and annual reports are available on our Issuu site:

We have a photograph site on Flickr:

if you use Google Calendar you can add our meetings to your calendar.

We also promote our meetings through Eventbrite.

Of course we also have our Facebook and Twitter pages.

So whilst we will no longer have a monthly newsletter, we will continue to share with you our news of what is going on in Coventry.

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