Which Vision of Cuckoo Lane do you prefer?


With Planning Committee due to make a decision about the future of the Coventry Cross on Thursday, here is the choice they have to make.

Which do you prefer?

The committee are being recommended to approve the application despite our views and the views of Historic England.

The Coventry Society submitted a petition with over 900 signatures opposed to the relocation of the cross. The Council has rejected this on the technicality that it referred to the previous planning application that they chose to withdraw.  So much for democracy in Coventry!

Come and support your local civic society at the Planning Committee meeting on Thursday at 2 p.m. in the Council House! 

2 thoughts on “Which Vision of Cuckoo Lane do you prefer?

  1. Imuch prefer the views with the cross. The cross looks to be in its proper place;it fits in with the cathedral and the surrounding area. I did sign the petition for the cross to stay where it is.


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