Comments on the Dismantling of the Coventry Cross to be ignored.


People who commented on the previous Planning Application for the “Removal of the Coventry Cross Sculpture” will not be heard when the new planning application is considered by Planning Committee on 15th November, the Coventry Society has learned.

Many people in Coventry sent in objections and comments on the planning application to dismantle the replica Coventry Cross when the Council submitted the planning application earlier in the year. The application (reference FUL/2018/0340) was submitted by the Council in February 2018 but was only validated in August. We are aware that a significant number of people commented on the planning application, which has now been withdrawn.

Public comments on planning applications are no longer shown on the Council website, so we do no know how many people commented or what they said. We have asked the council for details but as yet we have received no reply.

In September a new planning application was submitted, this time by Rolfe Judd Planning, on behalf of Shearers. This application is for “Redevelopment of Trinity Square comprising of the removal and re-location of the Coventry Cross, the redesign of the public space area and reconfiguration of the existing rear terrace to facilitate a larger seating area in connection with the existing restaurant.” The new application has the reference  FUL/2018/2655 and is open for public comments right up to the committee date of 15th November.

Coventry Society wishes to advise anyone who commented on the previous application that their comments will not be heard when the new planning application is considered by Planning Committee. If they wish to be heard then they need to make comments on the new application. This link will take you to Planning Portal when you  can see the details of the new application and make comments online.

Coventry Society is objecting to the planning application and a petition against the dismantling of the cross will also be submitted to Planning Committee on 15th November.

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